Experience Yesterday

Day At The Museum

Bring Books To Life

Images, artifacts that seemingly lift the stories right off the pages. Lessons and perspectives accelerated by a trip to the museum.

Visit History

Images, artifacts that seemingly lift the stories right off the pages. Lessons and perspectives accelerated by a trip to the museum.

Experience Science

Hands-on learning" is an effective channel to translate the complex to the simple. Answering how things work is what experiencing science at the museum means.

Unlock Creativity

What can be more powerful than creative inspiration ignited by the works of another. You'll find an ample supply of inspiration at the museum

Museum Spotlight

Evergreen Aviation & Space Museum

McMinnville, OR

Events & Opportunities

Museums commonly welcome the arrival of new exhibits and visitor events. They occasionally offer their patrons limited-time price reductions on membership enrollments during special times of the year. You will read about those hear and can subscribe to the Day At The Museum newsletter to learn more.

City Historian

Becoming versed in the local lore from the history book to the resident historian is the focus of City Historian.

Segment in Sound

An audio take on some of the history’s most interesting stories is the Segment in Sound.

Year In History

It happened this year and in another year.  A synopsis of big cultural, financial, political events.

Historical Clip

Historical Clip is a video piece is a time-based clip capturing the essence of the day. Eisenhower’s 1961 Spot

Pictures Of History

Planning Your Museum Visit


Collections & Exhibit Dates

Before leaving home, double-check the museum website for new exhibits, collections or programs, because some of the collections are on display for limited engagements. It’s always  good practice to confirm how long an exhibit will be showing, and associated hours.

Day's Endurance

After you’ve selected a museum or collection, consider how long you will want to be there.  Setting a “goldilocks” (just-right) period of time for your visit is your goal.  A suggested time frame of between 90 minutes and 2 hours is a sweet spot for many people.  You could stay longer, but keeping it fun and not wearing-out your family or yourself is optimum.

Coming back for a second viewing or purchasing a membership or pass are other options.


Tickets, Memberships & Downloads

Paper or digital tickets can be purchased on many museum websites. You are also offered the choice to reserve tickets for coming attractions.  Some museums utilize a will-call service after purchase and others will issue a digital ticket that can be scanned. To enhance your in-gallery experience, many galleries have developed an app to experience VR or audio tours.

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